2018 Reflections


2018 was a great year! We saw a lot of growth at Grants Ferry Family Dentistry- from our team to the services we are now able to offer. Here are some quick highlights, in case you missed it!

January: Launched our new website. Now it’s easier than ever to make an appointment, access your patient information, and see what’s new at GFFD.

February: I was invited to Buffalo, NY, to one of the country’s most cutting edge technology centers when it comes to dentistry. I trained with some of the best to further learn to personally create beautiful crowns and veneers in office.

March: We added CBCT 3D imaging to our practice. This not only allows you to see your own SKULL in 3 dimensions, but it is the most valuable tool when planning and executing implant placement. This has been a game changer!

April: With the addition of the new 3D X-ray technology, I traveled to New Orleans to gather more knowledge on implants, building my confidence so that I could offer only the best to our patients. My motto is to always keep learning!

May: May was one of my favorite months of the year because it brought me one of the most gratifying cases of my career, as well as one of the nicest and most deserving patients I’ve ever met. Check out her video at the top of our Facebook page if you haven’t seen it yet! And like our page while you’re there;)

June: A couple of personal accomplishments I’m proud of that happened in June: my 2 year old, James, had his first dental appointment- no tears!- and my husband and I celebrated 9 years. I also became a certified trainer with CEREC (the technology we use to make your crowns in office)! I’m now training other doctors and their practices on how to utilize the technology. It was a fun month!

July: I was invited to Charlotte, NC, to the EPIC Women in Dentistry meeting. This was such an honor and a chance for me to engage with other female dentists about everything from juggling motherhood and dentistry to the way we like to practice.

August: We completed some minor renovations to the office. Goodbye file cabinets and hello shiplap! Most exciting upgrade to me: new dental chairs! We’re hoping to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

September: On the road again- this time to Orlando to attend one of the largest dental meetings of the year. This meeting is centered around technology, and for me, that is everything! Definitely couldn’t miss this!

October: October was another of my favorite months of this year. We introduced Smile Virtual Consults, the ability to consult with me personally over the world wide web! How cool is that? Check it out on the homepage.
I also worked very hard on my dental photography skills so that I can more adequately capture the beauty that lies in that tiny hole on your face. Seriously though- isn’t the best way to explain something through pictures? I have a newfound respect for photography, and I hope to get better and better at it.

November: For those of you who are wondering, we did indeed survive our 11 hour drive to and from Savannah with 3 kids ages 4 and under. THIS is my biggest accomplishment in November!

December: On a serious note, my team worked their BUTTS off this month. It’s a crazy time of year for a lot of health care professionals, but the women I work with did not stop or let it wear them down. I could not be more proud of my work family, and my genuine hope is that all of our patients will feel like they are part of our family. At the core of GFFD lies a common goal to treat our patients how we would want to be treated. I’m happy to say that I see this every single day with this team.

Whew! That got longer than I expected! If you’re just looking for the Cliff Notes, I traveled a lot, added some cool new things, and I love my team! Thanks for making this “job” so great, everyone. Cheers to 2019!