A Dentist’s Perspective on Candy

Y’all. I LOVE candy. It’s one of my very favorite things. Earlier this year, I made a commitment to go 30 days without sugar (crazy, I know). On day 31, my team witnessed as I popped a Starburst into my sugar deprived mouth, and tears ensued. It was glorious! I guess it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Yes, it’s ridiculous, but now you know!


So for all my candy loving friends out there, let me give you some tips and pointers on how to enjoy your sweet treats but NOT pay for it with new cavities!

  1. Try to eat your candy in one setting instead of a piece here and there throughout the day.
  2. Brush your teeth and floss after your sugar load. If you can’t get to these hygiene tools, try swishing your mouth with water and chewing sugar free gum.
  3. Sticky, sour, and chewy candies can be much more harmful to your teeth than smooth, melt in your mouth, or crunchy candies. So swap the gummies for chocolate!


Here’s my professional recommendation on Halloween- EAT THE CANDY! Just be mindful of your teeth so that they stay healthy!


Happy Halloween from all of us at Grants Ferry Family Dentistry!