Not Your Average Team


Time to time, I have to take a minute to brag about my team. Not my “staff.” Not my “employees.” Not “the girls.” MY TEAM. They are the people who have my back day in and day out. I trust them completely and have so much confidence in each individual. And you know what else? I can call each of them my friend.


Studies show that having friends at work not only increases job satisfaction but also increases productivity. That could not have been more true this month. It’s always a busy time of year with school out, but this month, we implemented new procedures and protocols which kept us busier and a little more stressed than usual. But y’all- this team delivered! I really believe that because we understand each others’ strengths and weaknesses, we are able to help each other out in ways that lead to an overall more pleasant and less stressful work environment.


I’ve learned a couple of other interesting things about my team along the way. For instance, Heleena can remember things with amazing (sometimes scary) accuracy. Her next role in life? Private investigator. Amy does not miss a chance to be sarcastic. Don’t think you’ll EVER get away with saying something dumb around her. Alicia is NOTHING without her cats. Correction: her cats and her husband. Misty can learn literally anything she sets her mind to. Her brain is a bottomless pit of information. Reagan is so self  motivated that it makes the rest of us feel bad at times. You go exercise, girl; we’ll be eating chips and salsa.  Tiffany lives her best life daily. Like, what did I do wrong in life?? #jealous And our newest addition, Heather- I can’t wait to see what she brings to this crazy team! She’s still in her “quiet phase,” but I just have a feeling that won’t last long!


I truly hope that our office always exudes friendliness and authenticity. I always remind my team of this: We spend more time with each other than we do with our own families. So you better like each other! And let’s have fun! I think they listened. 🙂