Green Wellness Spa

Introducing the newest brain child of Grants Ferry Family Dentistry- Green Wellness Spa! I am so thrilled to announce that we are now OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

A little background: “Spa Dentistry” is not a new concept. Starting in the 90s, dentists (thankfully) started catching on to the fact that the dental office was a scary-I’d rather be anywhere else in the world- dreadful kind of place. So, many practices started offering ways to calm patients and hopefully change the overall perception of coming to a dental appointment. Whether it be soothing music, TVs in the rooms, aromatherapy, or simply a cozy blanket, by the 2010s, most practices offered some sort of “spa-like” service to their patients.

Now there are few things I enjoy more than a completely relaxing spa day. Except dentistry! And when you combine the two…let’s just say it’s an obvious match made in heaven! Imagine coming to your routine dental checkup and also being able to have a relaxing facial. Having some dental work done? How about a head and neck massage while you wait on your crown to be completed in our digital lab? Ladies- you can get your waxing, tinting, dermaplaning done at the SAME time/place as your teeth cleaning. Talk about convenience!

I hope you all will take advantage of our new spa services. I’m pleased to announce licensed esthetician, Jenny Dear, will be offering all services, and I cannot wait for you to meet her. Check out some of her work on Instagram: @jenny_greenwellnessspa. And stay up to date with our emails, Facebook, and Instagram for special discounts and announcements!