Better Together

It is so crazy to me that 6 months have already passed since welcoming my bestie and dentist extraordinaire, Emily Wilhite, to my practice. Not only does that mean my last baby is already half a year old (😭😭😭), but it also means that Emily has now met almost all of the lovely patients of GFFD- and none of you have scared her off yet! What a wonderful addition she has been, and I can still barely believe this long standing dream of mine has come true.

It was the year 2009 A.D. I was newly married, 22 years old, childless and thought I had things figured out, like most 22 year olds do. With my honeymoon tan and sky high ambition, I moved to New Orleans to embark on my first real adult venture- dental school. A childhood friend reached out to me to tell me that her college roommate would also be starting at LSU dental school that fall and insisted we meet. That’s how I met Emily- just as young, naive, and clueless as I was! From that point on, we were inseparable.

We helped each other through school- studying together, chatting through class, and complaining (a lot). But more importantly, we helped each other navigate through life. We learned how to cook, watched a lot of reality tv, and carried each other through the early days of marriage and motherhood. I would not trade those 4 years for anything!

Once we graduated, life took us our separate ways, but our friendship remained one that would be unshaken. I always knew that no matter how much time passed between conversations, we could pick up right where we left off. That no one understood life’s stressors quite the same way. That my complaints, my secrets, my dreams, and my defeats were safe with Emily. Isn’t that what defines a best friend?

And here we are now- 7 children between us and building our future together. So very different than the girls that met in 2009. (Don’t believe me? I have photo evidence!) We still have so much to figure out. Our journey is far from over. But one thing I am sure of- it’s better now that we’re together!