Guest Post: Confessions from a Grinder

I confess… I’m a grinder. I grind hard and all night long….
Not that kind of grinder!!!!!! I grind my teeth.
I have always had this problem — even as a child. As a teenager, I suffered from jaw pain, constant headaches, and the wear on my teeth was noticeable. I tried over-the-counter night guards, sleep aids, prescription muscle relaxers, etc. You name it; I tried it. I even saw my ENT thinking I was having the worst ear ache of my life just to be told it was TMJ 😩.
But it wasn’t just my jaw that suffered. The years of grinding and clinching really wore down my teeth. I noticed the change, and became a bit self conscious of my smile. More recently, teeth sensitivity became an issue. I had to seek help!
Obvious wear after years of grinding
I sat down in the dental chair and finally spilled it all to Dr. Green. I was ready to do WHATEVER it took to relieve my jaw pain, get rid of the sensitivity (I missed eating ice cream), and feel good about my smile! (Oh, did I mention I have dental anxiety?) I was nervous, but I was ready to get started!

Ultimately, a SMILE MAKEOVER was planned… Botox for the TMJ, a custom night guard to stop the wear on my new smile,  and to address my dental anxiety, I was offered noise canceling headphones (I don’t want to hear the drill!), laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to help me relax during treatment, and a weighted blanket (who knew those were so comfortable?)!

After my smile makeover
NOW- TMJ pain is manageable (thank you BOTOX and my night guard), and I smile a little bigger these days since my Smile Makeover.
Next time you visit and want to know more about my experience, don’t hesitate to ask me… I’m the lady behind the desk smiling when you come to GFFD!