Let me just talk through something, if you will.  I’ve noticed a lot of talk regarding “seasons” lately. I’m often being told “that’s just the season you’re in” or “this season will pass” or “enjoy this season,” and I am quick to dish out the same colloquialism without ever giving it much thought. But here I am, giving “seasons” more thought than I ever have and realizing a few truths about myself and the meaning behind these phrases.

  1.  I think my tendency is to only compartmentalize my life into a “season” when things are extraordinarily difficult. In case you missed it, I’ve had a lot going on lately. A new baby, new business (shout out to Green Wellness Spa), new doctor on staff, and 3 new team members ON TOP of the chaos of being a working mom/business owner. Even on the best of days, it’s a lot. Then add in Covid, new fears and doubts, lack of sleep, adjustments at home, etc., and it’s easy for me to wish away this time of my life. To say “it’s a season and it will pass.”
  2. Seasons have variations; summer isn’t miserably hot every single day; winter isn’t numbingly cold from dawn to dusk. Even the harshest of winters have their beautiful, breathtaking days. Don’t the steady rains of spring produce the most bountiful harvests?
  3. Wouldn’t it make more sense to cling to the good that each season brings rather than wish away the entire season? If you know me, this has to be drilled into my mind often. The fear, pain, sorrow, depression, and worry can easily overshadow the joy, beauty, and tenderness of the season. I’m learning that savoring the season instead of waiting for it to pass can make all the difference in our perception of the world around us.

I didn’t exactly intend for this to turn into a “stop and smell the roses” kind of post, but I guess that’s the “season” I’m in. 🙃