The One About Growth

My weekend at the beach with the fam had me reflecting on a few things. You know, between the chaos, crab hunting, and cleaning sand out of everything you can imagine, I had a solid hour or so to just think. And when I start thinking, I like to write it out. It always helps me organize my thoughts and solidify the ones that have just been floating around in my head for some time.

I’ve always been one who looks forward to change. Something about the unknown, the potential for something better, the absence of boredom and monotony  – it all just makes me excited! Now with this personality type, I also have to force myself to find contentment and joy in the necessity of a routine because, if left solely up to me, I would likely be a train wreck- full of good ideas but not enough discipline to see them through.

With that said, I’m entering a stage of my career that is overflowing with opportunities for change. Over the course of the last 5 years I’ve been at Grants Ferry Family Dentistry, the practice has experienced a level of growth that has not only nearly doubled the amount of patients but has also introduced countless new procedures and almost tripled the number of team members. These changes have been gradual and so many of you have shared in my excitement to see my small business grow. Now, I foresee a future for GFFD that welcomes a new doctor, to help me maintain this growth and still offer the highest quality dentistry around!

As I write this, I am still currently searching for the perfect “fit” for my practice and my patients. Let me assure you, the decision to introduce another doctor does not come lightly. But can I just be honest? The pace I’ve been trying to maintain for the last year or so as the sole practitioner may kill me! And why did I think kids got easier as they got a little older? Ha! Their demands are increasing and guess what… one more baby Green is being added to the mix in August ????! No worries- I’m not going anywhere, but thankfully, I’ll have another doctor to help me offer the very best to my patients. Less “chicken with my head cut off;” more “calm, cool, and collected.”

To those of you who have been so encouraging, loyal, and basically become like family to me, be patient as we enter this new phase of growth. Better yet, be excited with me! With a new doctor in the house, comes more flexibility, new services, and the ability to continue the forward growth trend of the last 5 years.

Remember what I said about having a lot of ideas? Keep your eyes peeled for some new ideas being introduced soon (spoiler alert: spa services!!!), and remember that we are trying to make your dental experience as relaxing, efficient, and top notch as possible. Grants Ferry Family Dentistry may be evolving, and adding some new faces, but I can guarantee you that we will maintain the same level of care you’ve become accustomed to. After all, it’s because of you that I love what I do and want to improve it constantly. Bring on the change!